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Internal Force Fields

When trying to contain boarding parties, internal force fields are used to contain them. Some advanced species would be able to negate them, while others may take longer to bypass them, but they should not be considered impassable. When designing the ship it might be useful to put the forcefields in the corridors leading to sensitive areas of the ship. Individual sections of the ship can then be isolated by force-fields.

Individuals trapped in corridors can inflict damage to the force field generators until they collapse. I know this seems silly, but let’s face it they could cut through the walls and that’s going to be a lot harder to simulate.

Of course, those force fields will stay inoperable until an engineering team fixes them, so repeated attacks by boarding parties might get harder and harder to stop.

Power Requirements

Internal force fields come in different strengths varying from 10MW to 100MW per linear metre.


Research can be used to increase the maximum power of the force fields.